Friday, May 16, 2008

Creativity at its Best

The kids here are very creative with their toys. They find ways of making them. Here are some toys I have seen kids playing with...

The kids are even more creative than the adults! (Picture 1) I love this little wire car. The wheels are made out of soda cans and they turn too! Any of these kids would be happy to own a ball some day. (Picture 2) The little rock toy with the door was full of little insects. I think it's like a little insect farm the kids play with. (Picture 3) A hopeful bike with only one wheel.


Kylie said...

wow~ I love those little toys.

Anonymous said...

Andrea. Thanks so much for inviting us to share your fantastic adventure!! I am totally enjoying your pictures and blog.
You look beautiful!! Keep up the good work!
Love!!!!! Shawn Darley

Anonymous said...

Girl, your going to come back full of cool ideas for when your a mom...right. jk

seriously these toys are so cute. it reminds me how fun being a kid is. you never know you are poor til you know different. i'm sure they are happy bc its all they know. there's such a beauty to being a kid
-necessity is the mother of invention-

Anonymous said...

Dude, I think these kids are smarter than I am! That's the nice thing about kids, they are so curious and always look for ways to entertain themselves.

These toys remind me of science fair projects we did at Brentwood growing up. Dad sure got creative a couple time there!! haha


cutie pie said...

I like the simplicity of these toys. Hmmm, but I don't know about the bike with only one wheel...maybe a little too simple. But seriously, I think kids today are overstimulated. TV, video games, computer, its nice to go back to basics. I wish I could go to Africa and give each of the kids a new little toy of their own. We have so much here.

Mike and Kari said...

Thanks for sharing your adventures, Andrea. I am going to show my children this post tonight. I think they need to see the creativity and also help them see much they really have (which is a blessing, but can be a hindrance to growth if you take it for granted).

Take care and have a safe trip back.

Mike Johnson