Friday, May 16, 2008


This post is a reply to all the comments posted so far and some extra information on the culture here. I have really enjoyed reading everyone's comments. It keeps my spirits up to read the humorous and inspiring things you have all commented on. Thank you! About the water situation, we just found out yesterday that the water will be out for the rest of the month! Do you know what this means! If you have ever gone camping for a month, you might start getting a bit close to the reality of what the living conditions are like here. I have chosen not to complain. I will probably find a way to wash somehow. It rained a little yesterday and Raquel and I were joking that we should go out to the street and shower while we could. We are beginning to get a little desperate. I won't say the number of days we have gone without a shower. I will reserve that information for only the brave people back home. I have to admit it is at a record high. The funny thing is that everytime we drive past the place where the workers are fixing the pipes, we don't see them working. It's like nobody cares that there is no water. It's sort of funny. Raquel and I really stand out here. The other day we went to a village and one of the little kids got scared when he saw us. He started to cry! They have never seen someone like us before! Most kids warm up to us really quickly. When they see us driving by in a car they wave at us and smile. I love being here. It is nothing like being home. It is such a reality check! I made french toast the other day and cut each slice of bread into four smaller squares. The people had never had french toast. They really liked it. Bread is like gold here.


Anonymous said...

Nice one girl. way to scare the children. making them cry isnt funny you know.

girl you will not believe that I went to BonLosee for my lip wax and the girl pulled so hard it left a scar under my nose to cover my whole upper lip. everyone at worked asked about my "battle wound" it was a little embarrassing, but I guess no kids cried when they saw me so I'm still safe.

Love you
it's me

Anonymous said...


I'll make sure to take a picture of Ruth's cute mustache for you to see when you get back. We had a good laugh!

Thanks for sharing your stories with me, they help me to be grateful for what I have. I was frustrated this morning because I wasn't going to have time to blow dry my hair. But remembering your comments, I changed my perspective and was grateful for having a shower and going to church clean.

You can do it! I love you.


cutie pie said...

No water for the rest of the month!!! I don't think I could do it without complaining. Good for you for keeping a positive attitude. That's kind of funny about the kid that cryed when he saw you guys. He had never seen someone different before. About the bread..."bread is like gold here"...a good reminder not to be wasteful.

Veronica said...


Yes, this is so true. Being in a country where so many things are taken from you well at least things you just aren't exposed to because of the way life is made there. A place where you can't literally call home from your cell phone because they just don't have that sort of technology nor the means to have them or anything else. It really makes you feel so much more grateful for what you do have. I know that when, I was visiting my family in El Salvador (several years ago), it was sad to see that the water would not run through certain hours of the day...that you would have to go to a well to get water, and if you were lucky, you would have a well in the front or back yard. Warm water was & is just about non existent. You would have to go to the store just about everyday to have fresh food. And to only be able to work until your 35 was frightening. What do you do?
Times like those, you realize, that, man, you have it good. I am glad to live in America. To be able to be free and to have water running all the time. I am grateful to be in such a beautiful country. Thank you so much for your updates. I am glad that you are doing well, that you are safe and that you are learning so much. Enjoy, take care and stay safe!.