Friday, July 11, 2008

It's Not Over

So I've been back from Africa for a month. Wow! How fast time flies! I am still having trouble sleeping at night, but I'm so much more grateful about my blessings and so much more involved with people in a selfless sort of way (or at least I'm trying to be). I highly, highly recommend that you go to Africa. It is a singular, life altering experience everyone should have. What many people do not understand about Africa is just how diverse and beautiful it is and just how personable the people are there. So many of you might have thought that my Africa adventure is over. Well, I have news for you. Part 2 has just begun! I am currently figuring out ways to get the word out about this program. I will be hosting charity parties to give people chances to donate and am looking into starting a "Donate Your Computer or Camera to Africa" initiative. Any suggestions or comments on this would be great! I am open to ideas that you might have for me. I believe that the education, technology and Care for Life are and can offer the people in Mozambique can change lives and strengthen families.

I think one of the reasons why I'm still having trouble sleeping at night is just having the knowledge that I am sleeping in a nice cozy bed while there are people in the world suffering things that nobody should be suffering in this day in age with all our technology and knowledge. Much of the poverty is really a lack of selflessness from us who have and who know. It is very easy to get sucked into your life as I have once again been sucked into mine after getting back. With finishing my thesis and beginning my PhD, I am just as sucked into my life as anyone else. Let us not forget the power of stepping out of our own reality and stepping into another's reality. Let us help in any way we can to improve the education and the lifestyle of people less fortunate than us.

If you are interested in learning more about Care for Life and possibly donating please go to Even donating a dollar is a great contribution. If you have change laying around your house, donate it to someone who might not even have a house. That way we can all sleep better at night ;)