Friday, May 16, 2008

Creativity at its Best

The kids here are very creative with their toys. They find ways of making them. Here are some toys I have seen kids playing with...

The kids are even more creative than the adults! (Picture 1) I love this little wire car. The wheels are made out of soda cans and they turn too! Any of these kids would be happy to own a ball some day. (Picture 2) The little rock toy with the door was full of little insects. I think it's like a little insect farm the kids play with. (Picture 3) A hopeful bike with only one wheel.


This post is a reply to all the comments posted so far and some extra information on the culture here. I have really enjoyed reading everyone's comments. It keeps my spirits up to read the humorous and inspiring things you have all commented on. Thank you! About the water situation, we just found out yesterday that the water will be out for the rest of the month! Do you know what this means! If you have ever gone camping for a month, you might start getting a bit close to the reality of what the living conditions are like here. I have chosen not to complain. I will probably find a way to wash somehow. It rained a little yesterday and Raquel and I were joking that we should go out to the street and shower while we could. We are beginning to get a little desperate. I won't say the number of days we have gone without a shower. I will reserve that information for only the brave people back home. I have to admit it is at a record high. The funny thing is that everytime we drive past the place where the workers are fixing the pipes, we don't see them working. It's like nobody cares that there is no water. It's sort of funny. Raquel and I really stand out here. The other day we went to a village and one of the little kids got scared when he saw us. He started to cry! They have never seen someone like us before! Most kids warm up to us really quickly. When they see us driving by in a car they wave at us and smile. I love being here. It is nothing like being home. It is such a reality check! I made french toast the other day and cut each slice of bread into four smaller squares. The people had never had french toast. They really liked it. Bread is like gold here.