Sunday, May 18, 2008

Africa is Beatiful

It is amazing to me how beautiful this place is. Today we went to the Praya Savana. It is a beatiful beach and it was the perfect beach weather. I felt like I was back in California eventhough I was enjoying the Indian Ocean. We took a boat to go out to the island where the beach was. On the way back, when we waited for the boat to take us back, I took this picture of the sunset. It was a testimony to me that God is no respecter of persons. He gave us all, white or black, big or small, healthy or sick, rich or poor, the same beautiful sun to enjoy.


pinky said...

Hi, Andrea ~

I just wanted to observe that there is no classroom in the world that can teach us to love one another as well as we learn it when we travel the world and intermingle with God's children throughout. Then we have learned a lesson we are not likely to forget. I treasure the insights you are posting. They are without price.

Sis C

Anonymous said...


You look really cute in these pictures! I would never know that you haven't been taking showers! Just so you know, no matter how many days it's been, you could never gross me out. I'll give you huge hug when I see you soon!

So, so far I haven't seen you in the water. Are you allowed to swim in the water? Is it safe?

I love you.


becca said...

Hi Andrea!! I'm so glad you told me about this blog, it's amazing! You are definitely getting the Real Deal in Mozambique...I'm honored to have this little window into your experiences! And that sunset is an amazing picture!
take care girl

cutie pie said...

So did you really go the this beach or did you just scan a postcard? Just kidding. i like the little boat on the side and the way the sun looks like a star. I'm glad it reminded you of home. The Indian Ocean, wow...yup, its definately the real deal.

Anonymous said...

There's a really cheesy song by Cheri Call that says "God is no respecter of persons". Its cute. you should listen to it. I like it. I think it talks about nature too.

anyway, this picture is beautiful. you are right. above riches and commodities, Heavenly Father gave us nature, a breath of fresh air, the sun, etc. I love to enjoy the little things in life it makes a difference. Here i am in Provo enjoy the leaves outside my apt, writing you also.

see, we are not that far. we are closely connected.


Anonymous said...


where did you go???? the bahamas????
No te vayas a perder en el mar de la India. okay

alexia said...

That picture of the sunset is absolutely beautiful! It made me happy to see it and to read your insightful comment. You were on the Indian ocean, I can't even see the ocean where I am, but our Father makes the beautiful sun to shine on us all, just like he sent his Son for us all. His love, like the sun, can warm us wherever we are.
I miss you girl

Anonymous said...

I'm you mom's visiting teacher. What a special spirit she is! She has shared your blogspot w/ us...what a ride! Truly amazing. My favorite is the picture of the man's foot. Maybe you should take up photography.