Monday, August 17, 2009

One Year Later

It's been a year since I got back from Mozambique. During the last year I have done lots of reflecting on the condition of the Care for Life participants. I also thought about what I could do to help in the best way possible and what I should include in my evaluation report to help those changes happen. I have tried to keep myself updated on the issues and the writing of many people who are also interested in the improvement of non-profits in Africa and I have learned some interesting facts. In addition to my research on non-profits I have learned more about the method of phenomenology and the opportunity of learning from lived experience. One of the greatest eye opening articles I came across was one conducted by the New York Times with Dambisa Moyo a native of Africa who feels strongly against fostering dependence by giving people handouts. She believes in microfinance. This interested me since what she said completely aligned with what the Care for Life stakeholders believe as well. Education is also a great way to help people get out of their current condition. I am so grateful for being led to these answers and I will definitely use them in my evaluation to provide some answer for Care for Life that will hopefully benefit the people of Mozambique, which I learned to love very much.