Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Amazing Technology

It amazes me how technology finds its way into the darkest most poverty stricken places. The sewing machine this man is using is an extremely old Singer. He makes excellent men's collar dress shirts. They looked almost store bought. I was amazed at his talent. This is in the middle of nowhere! No patterns, and very limited materials. The boy in the first pic placed that light above his front door. I asked him how he figured out how to power the light and he said he figured it out on his own. These kids can't even speak Portuguese! They don't read or write, but yet they figured out how to create light powered by a battery on their own! Amazing!


Mandy said...

Wow, that is so incredible. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, I love the pictures and I feel connected to people who I have never met through your stories.

cutie pie said...

I think its necessity that makes people exercise creativity. Things are easier to get here so people get lazy. Good to know that someone is using their brain out there.

Anonymous said...

Como se te ocurre chiquilla sentarte en el lugar mas peligroso de un carro?
Bueno, me alegra que ya vengas de vuelta. Recuerdo que en uno de mis mensajes iniciales te dije que estaba seguro que te doleria dejar Africa.
Se que asi sera.
Este viaje ha influenciado tu vida.
Te quiero mucho mijita y ya queremos verte.
Un besito y un abrazo.