Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Adventure of My Life!

This was the craziest weekend I have ever had! On Friday night we left Care for Life headquarters to visit the Gorongosa National Park ( . We left home on Saturday at 3am. It was really early. On our way to the park we encountered a car coming the opposite direction from us with only one head light in the fog. By the time we noticed it was a car, we had almost all crashed. It was a close to death experience! Once at the park we started to see animals. Suddenly, we saw a huge elephant that almost attacked us! Then we ran into some people who's car got stuck in the mud. We had to pull them out of the mud trap they were in. Finally, just to top things off, our car died in the middle of this huge wild animal park (with our windows rolled down). We were glad we hadn't seen any lions.... yet. Well, and so we had to stay the night there. No toothbrush, no clean anything, no nothing. It was great! Then in the morning we found out a helicopter was going to take us back to Beira. So we flew in a helicopter! The footage is great. I will show it to you all when I get back. You can't ask for a greater adventure than that!


pinky said...

I am thrilled, along with you, that you were able to visit a wild animal park while there. We did so when my husband and I were in Africa...and I will never, ever forget it. It fulfilled the dream of a lifetime for me. Great that you got a good video of the angry elephant! We had a similar experience...but no pictures to prove it. It sounds like you had a wonderful and memorable time...made all the more complete with mishaps and adventures! You're invited over when you get share your pictures...and some food.

Sis C

Anonymous said...

Wow, that elephant wasn't messing around! Sounds like a crazy, fun experience. I'm jealous.

ben said...

Wow, that elephant wasn't messing around! Sounds like a crazy, fun experience. I'm jealous.

cutie pie said...

Girl, this is the post I've been waiting for. You got that elephant on video at the perfect time. I'm so glad that you were able to see the animals in Africa. That's scary about the car in the fog. You were being watched over I think. It could have been a lot worse. What a long couple of days. But good stories for us.

Anonymous said...

Everyone says I'm jealous, but I'm not. It seems to me that you almost died, that's just crazy.
Be careful Yode. Your body was the most important piece of luggage remember.
I'm glad to know you didnt die and now you have some awesome stories to share with us and in crazy chessy 'get to know you' game at BYU.
sorry yode. You are coming back.

Anonymous said...

Ya, what a freakin cool adventure - and you get to ride in cool LandCruisers & Helicopters like in a movie or something. I'll be a little relieved when you're back home safe & sound though. You're a trooper Andrea! -Aaron

Anonymous said...

Its good to know that the elephant didnt want to smash the car you were in! Well it probably did but it chose not to. The helicopter ride must had been really fun. I never have been in one, what a blast!

-Samuel C.

dr. clint said...

So much of this crazy adventure sounds familiar. Glad you had so many experiences that are memorable!