Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Where's Waldo?

The people got a kick out of seeing me wear the capulana (skirt) I am wearing in this picture. I still need to go buy a lenso (a head scarf). I'm trying to blend into the crowd but it's harder than I thought. Ha ha! I love being here.


Anonymous said...

Oh no girl, we are slowly losing you. That was my one fear. That you'd get lost in Mozambique...remember. but Girl you got it going. You look so cute though. I'm, loving it. It's so good that your open-minded about their culture. I'm sure they can feel it. It makes a difference when people try new things.

This trip of yours looks like something off National Geographics. Keep going stong Yode.


cutie pie said...

National Geographic ha ha, that's a good one Ruth. I think this is one of my favorite pictures. But you can't beat the one with the kids posted on May 9. I like the skirt and it reminds me of los trajes tipico de las indias de Guate. It's good that you are open-minded. You look really cute and it sounds like the people really needed the things they got. Way to make a difference Care for Life.