Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Um Dia Com Regina

Today I felt like I went on splits. Regina and I went to visit many people in a village. She would write down on a paper if they were keeping their goals. Their goals include improving their houses, treating their water so that it is clean to use, and making tables so that their dishes aren't laying on the ground. This is Regina and her mom. Her father passed away when she was three years old. She told me she was really sad. She has two children and they live in this little house in the village with her mom. Despite their poverty, it is easy to see that she is really happy with life. When I asked her mom if I could take a picture of her and Regina she asked me if I would give her time to go inside the house and change into her nice blouse. You don't take a picture every day when you live in a village like this. She really liked the picture.


Anonymous said...

I think this is my favorite moment of your whole trip because it depicts humility so well. Changing into "a nice shirt", the smile on her face, optimism, strong women, and goal setting,... I could go on, but you just cant go wrong. I love this experience. It shows something that could be tragic into goodness. I love that. Are you still being positive, yode?

Anonymous said...

I love this picture too. I love how these women are not afraid of putting on some color and jewelry! Every woman should feel beautiful and it's great that she's not afraid to put on her nice stuff when she gets a chance.

I really have a testimony of doing the simple things in our lives. Clean water, an organized house...things like this allows us to provide a good environment for our families and let's us focus on caring for the deeper needs. I'm glad that these women are being taught simple things that will make a huge difference!


cutie pie said...

I agree with ruth and paula. :-)