Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Masherua (Means Hi in Sena)

The lady at this house taught me how to make "masa" today. I went into her little kitchen and totally invaded her privacy. I took my camera with me and she was a little embarrased at first since she'd never seen a camera before. Then she started warming up to me when she realized that I was trying to speak her dialect, Sena. I learned a few words in Sena today and the people at the communities love it when I say something in their dialect. The kids call me "Muzungo" which is their nickname for anyone that is white. I'm not white but they think I am. It's really funny to me. The wooden object on the bottom right of the picture is used to pound corn. They use the big stick laying on the ground to pound the corn. I helped them do that today and they loved it!


cutie pie said...

That reminds me of those field trips in elementary school where they take you to a place to churn butter and show you all the old rakes and shovels that they used in the olden days. It's cool that the lady taught you some new skills and that she let you into her kitchen. I bet if you wore your skirt and spoke in their dialect you would've earned extra points. It's all about the skirt girl!

abby said...

You're awesome girl! Or should I say "white girl"?! You are so funny. I hope you are having the time of your life! I'm so happy you get to have this AWESOME experience. Think of at home, up to my elbows in bodily functions and playdough...while you're off saving the world and exploring Africa! Love you forever.

cutie pie said...

Hey Andrea,

Last time I commented you hadn't put the video. I just saw it and I think you're so funny pounding the corn, lol. Took you a little bit to get the rhythm down it was funny. I like the little kid with the baby. They are so adorable. It's so cool that you got someone to take this video of you, I love it. BTW, someone at church is gathering shoes of all kinds for people in Africa. I don't have old shoes lying around but I have to help out in some way. I think I have some shoes that are really nice but the kids have outgrown in storage. I have been thinking a lot about the peeps in Africa since I started reading your blog and I think this is a good opportunity to help. Good timing huh. Anyway, I think I'm going to go to storage and see what I can find. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Wow girl hearing your Portuguese was fine and very understandable. When the child spoke in the clip, i had no clue what was said. It was crazy. Hearing something so foreign reminds me of how I feel when some of my speech kids talk and I have no clue what they are saying. It's crazy. You look good, you look happy, and that makes me happy. It's funny cause Raquel mentioned it took you a while to get the ryhthm and I thought the same thing too. but you got it down and didnt let the girl down. I'm proud of you for trying new things. I think snowboarding and longboarding prepared you to be brave. I like that. It's good to try new things. and your doing. forget that dumb Ryan kid who didnt have a clue what you were about!!!

it's me Yode

pinky said...

I don't think I've ever seen you look quite this beautiful or quite this happy. It must be your work in this place and the lovely people you are learning to love.

Sis C

alexia said...

hey white girl! (hee hee. wow that looks like so much fun! I agree with the sisters on all counts. you're cute, i love you. i'm glad that you decided to do the blog. we get to share your adventures and in a weird sort of way its almost okay that you're gone... just don't plan on extending your stay. we're a little selfish over here on this side of the world and can only share you for short periods of time ;)
the children are so beautiful. i wish i could be there and see them too. i'm not white, but i don't speak their language and i'm sure they would have plenty to laugh at me about. oh well.