Thursday, May 15, 2008

Going to the Hair Salon

When I sat down to rest under this tree, I had no idea I was actually going to get my hair done. Yeah. I got an awesome do by this little girl. Her name is pronounced "Myn". She really liked my hair. The funny thing is that I haven't washed it for over four days. Even I don't want to touch it!


Mandy said...

Cutest picture ever.

Anonymous said...

wow, I went to Bon Losee today to get waxed while you were at the Salon in Africa...pretty crazy. your hair must feel pretty greasy if you havent washed it in over four days, but least your fitting in Yode, plus your smile makes you look so cute.

I love the little girl, they are adorable.

Anonymous said... do have great hair! I doubt people can tell you haven't showered in days! I can't tell!

Keep it up girl. You'll be home soon and you'll miss it there, so have fun!


cutie pie said...

I love how the little girl is wearing your headband. Kids really like you...i've always known that. I'm glad you are having these moments. P.S. I think you look really good in all your pics.