Thursday, May 8, 2008

From Johannesburn to Beira

The journey was long but so worth it. I loved it!!! Johannesburg is a great city and I took lots of pictures. I bought some African jewelry at the airport. It's really beautiful. I also got asked to be some guys African queen. He said something about him being a prince and he needed two wives. He said he already had one but he was looking for another. It was really funny. The airplane trip was long. I felt like my legs went numb. It was a 15 hour flight. I think I watched five movies. I sat in the plane next to a girl who was going to South Africa to teach preschool. She was really nice and we totally became friends. She goes to school in Florida and we even talked about religion. She was so cool. Our hotel cost us $61 just for the one night we were there. We ordered pizza with Raquel (that's the name of the girl I came to Africa with) and we talked till late at night. Today we flew to Beira. The plane trip was about two hours long. Beira is third world at its best. I love it! It reminds me of Guatemala, not the city, but the little towns. We went shopping for food and people kept on starring. I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb. The people here are really nice and already I have learned lots of Portuguese. I am very grateful Raquel is from Brazil and is fluent because it would be really hard for me if she weren't. I will keep posting, stay tuned for more. I will also try to post some pictures next time.


cutie pie said...

I can't believe that you found time to post this for us after all that traveling. You must really like us! I am really glad that the traveling went smoothly...that's always a relief. And also that you found a friend. Sounds like you are OK. And that's great to know. I enjoy reading your posts...keep em coming.

Anonymous said...


I am very glad you made it safe too! See girl: I'm glad that that guy saw your true beauty and knew that you were fit to be a queen! He's not the crazy one, all the other guys are :)


Anonymous said...

Paula's comment is hilarious. It's true. At least the guy had a life.